The Sunny Sheriff

Josiah “Joe” Hazen is best known for leading a posse that chased the Wild Bunch after the gang robbed a Union Pacific train near Wilcox, Wyoming, in June 1899.

At the age of 17, in 1872, the Illinois-born Hazen found himself in Fort Worth, Texas. After six years working as a cowhand, he became foreman in charge of moving Sam Boyd’s 2,400 cattle onto a range 20 miles west of Wyoming’s Fort Fetterman.

In this era of open-range cattle operations, and during his 12 years as foreman, Hazen developed a keen eye for evidence of cattle rustling. His detective and tracking skills helped him earn his deputy sheriff role, under Converse County Sheriff John T. Williams, in 1890.

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Reshaw was an entrepreneur.  The young American West was changing fast and he jumped on opportunities before most ever recognized them.  He was fearless, always on the edge of danger.  He was a frontiersman, trader, whiskey smuggler, bridge builder, rancher, merchant, interpreter and scout, a reliable friend and ruthless barterer.  A scoundrel to some, he had his own code of ethics and helped shape our American West. His well-documented story is told in this Spur Award winning book.

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Local Author Talks History, New Book

Your story in itself encapsulates a bit of the mythical spirit of the West, in that you worked as a full-time mechanic for years while writing your first book, Reshaw, working in your copious spare time during evenings and weekends without intending necessarily to author a book. Can you tell us a bit about how this book came into print and your process getting there?

Susan Littlefield Haines, the present owner of the Gothberg Ranch, is an avid genealogist and an active member….. 

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Author tells story of Casper historical figure

Jefferson Glass lives only a few hundred yards from the bridge that some say gave birth to Casper. As he learned about the structure, Glass took an interest in its builder and namesake: John Baptiste Richard, who was called “Reshaw” from the French pronunciation of his name.

Glass wrote down his discoveries over the years. Now, he’s authored a book “Reshaw: The life and Times of John Baptiste Richard,” which tells the story of the man…

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Beyond The Horizon

Spur Award-winning nonfiction writer Jefferson Glass was born and raised in Oregon. He grew up knowing the tales of the Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark and the great explorers of the Northwest.

At the age of 12, Glass would often walk out the back door of his family home to explore the thousands of acres of public land just beyond the back fence. There he could be a mountain man where the only rule was to be home by suppertime.

In his youth he read the fiction of Zane…

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